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Why Mayhem?

Mayhem, which accurately means '' chaos '', is the name that the chef-owner May chose to give her first restaurant. Many were intrigued by her choice.

"I wanted my name to be included in the restaurant's brand without it being too obvious. With Mayhem, my signature is there, and I can relate to the meaning of the word."

To her, chaos depicts the constant waves of ideas running through her thoughts, the mix of flavours, the combination of cultures and the noisy clash of the dining room and the kitchen.

Chef May aspires to break down barriers and make way for dishes she described as "Montreal Asian Cuisine''. Her menu is influenced by traditional Asian flavours and the ones from around the world.
Mayhem does not seek to follow the rules but rather celebrate Montreal's multicultural culinary scene.

"Food is what unites us. There is an exceptionally significant resemblance between the different types of cuisines. Why not get inspired by one another?"

The outcome? An unpretentious Asian grub exploding with flavours and a hint of "Je ne sais quoi."
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